How can the second chance checking accounts guide help me obtain a checking account with a negative chexsystems report?

This 100% free guide will help you locate financial institutions in your area that are willing to give you a second chance checking account. These include banks and financial institutions located in the United States that are willing to overlook negative items that appear on your chexsystems report plus ones that do not use the report at all.

What is the chexsystems and how it can prevent you from getting a checking account?

The ChexSystems provides deposit account verification services to its financial institution members to help them to identify checking account applicants that may have a history of poor account mishandling. Each item entered into the Chexsystems remains there for five years, unless the financial institution that filed the report requests its removal or Chexsystems becomes obligated to remove it under law. A negative chexsystems report can prevent you from opening up a checking or savings account in the United States.

According to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act or (FACTA), you are entitled to a free copy of your ChexSystems consumer report, by request, once every 12-month period. See Free ChexSystems Report to find out more about the chexsystems report and how it affects wheter or not you can get approved for a new checking account. You can also order your free chexsystems report and learn how to dispute any errors that may be listed on it.

Where to get second chance checking accounts while having negative items listed on your chexsystems report?

There are several nationwide banks in the United States that may approve you for a second chance checking account while having a negative item listed on your chexsystems report. However, many local banks also offer promotions or have program available for people who have a negative chexsystems report. Below is a state by state listing of banks in the United States, that we were told and reported to us by are daily readers, that are currently accepting new checking applications for individuals who are on the chexsystems.

State Listings Of Second Chance Checking Accounts

Please help us keep our list of second chance checking accounts fresh and current by informing us of new banks that approve individuals with current negative chexsystems reports and please also report banks listed in our guide that may not be accepting any new applications for checking accounts for people listed on the chexsystems. Our email address is [email protected]

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